• Diane Winters

The Secrets of the Green River Swamp (Book Nine)

Green River is a sleepy, quiet town known for a treacherous swamp with alligators waiting for a chance to feed on unsuspecting victims. For the safety of the community, Hank Wilson and his mother Margaret find themselves in a position to take on the alligators in an attempt at winning the swamp back.

The Nugent twins had been wreaking havoc on Green River for years. Their father had taught the boys to be bullies and they lived up to their name. Tommy and Chuck finally meet their match when they pick on the wrong person. Decisions they made in their past finally catch up to them and their present decisions will drive their future It's up to them to make the right choices.

Penny Manchin comes into both the Wilson's and the Nugent's lives. Almost dying, she struggled with her health and the mental anguish she had to tolerate to live. Dealing with nightmares and long term health issues, Penny works hard at returning to her precious healthy person.

As the families become intertwined, watch their lives as long term decisions are made.

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