• Diane Winters

The Mystery of Zeke's Money (#14)

Zeke had been an old hermit. One day he disappeared, and no one could find him. Eventually, Mac Benson became the owner of the property, and by accident, finally found Zeke's body. Kids had considered the place haunted, and Mac began to believe it once he found the old man. The town had their own stories built around the supposedly hidden money. People tried and failed to find the cash that Zeke was supposed to have. A few stragglers continued to try. Mac stripped the house down to the studs and still found nothing. Then there was a new game in town. A family member arrives and takes Mac to court to get possession of the property. What ensues is a battle for Mac's rights. In the end, would anyone ever find the cash that was supposed to be hidden? Or was there any cash to begin with? The mystery of Zeke and his money remain to the end.

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