• Diane Winters


Hank had been the owner and operator of a huge scrapyard since he was young enough to take over for his father. The crusty old man didn't trust anyone, let alone want anyone around snooping in his business. When an opportunity arose to make some cash on the side, he took it. His bookkeeper, Tammy, wasn't aware of anything going on right under her nose. The money flowed in, but what to do with it all became a problem. The accountant's wondered if something was going on when Hank's books were too perfect. As time went by, Hank began to spend his cash. A lot of it. His partners in crime were becoming leery about Hank blowing the whole operation apart. What they didn't count on was the relationship he developed with Tammy and others in the community. When Hank had a health scare, everything changed radically. Life would never be the same again for Hank or those around him.

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