• Diane Winters

LIFE EXPOSED (book #16)

What happens when you run from your past? It eventually catches up to you. Heather Cummings finds out just how distressing a life can be when you hide in the shadows of your former life. As she makes a new life for herself, she lands in the the town of Flagstone and begins to steamroll over everyone in her path. The day she decides to run for mayor o she can have the power to make the changes she wants in town, that was the day the newspaper began to dig into her past. Heather ignores the pleadings of her friend and investment advisor to open up about her past, but she ignores all of his advice. That is, until she is faced with the possibility of it all blowing up in her face. She needs to make some serious decisions, and fast. The community is quick to condemn her behavior. How Heather resolves the issues at hand make for hard decisions. And none that she is willing to make until she is faced with confrontations.

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