• Diane Winters


Updated: Jul 7

No matter where she went or what she did or how old she was, Trudy Taylor was never impressed by boys. From the time she was a little girl, boys tended to be more trouble than they were worth. As an only child, she was happy as could be to read or play by herself. Her parents made her move to the dorms during college just so they could get her out into the world more. A rare meeting at the mall changed her future when she met Gippy Baylor. Gippy offered her a good job at Carrington Industries after graduation, and her future was set.

Chuck Holly was the foreman for the crew, and when Marshall Carrington was killed in a tragic accident, Caroline Carrington, his wife, didn’t know much about her husband’s business and eventually sold it to Chuck and Trudy. The Carrington children had their own lives to live with various business ventures. Caroline finds herself at loose ends and attempts to find a new life now that her husband is gone.

Everyone from Gippy to Caroline and on to the Carrington children found a way to make their lives work through trauma and pain. Trudy eventually finds love hiding in plain sight with her friend Mike, but not before going through a few trials of her own. These women find their strength and willingness to continue with their lives, even though their plans were altered completely. The story is about conquering adversities to find a new path in life.

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