• Diane Winters

Cate's Song (book #15)

Cate and Greg White had a storybook marriage. Their daughter Jennifer was the apple of their eye, too. When Greg is suddenly taken from them, a grieving wife and daughter have to go forward with their lives. An over-friendly neighbor tends to get his nose into Cate’s business more often than not. Not great at socializing, Horace tends to be more overbearing than friendly. As Cate finds her way forward and Jennifer leaves home, Horace’s attempts at being helpful have crossed the line. He wants Cate to be his, and she wants nothing to do with him. It becomes a battle of who will win, and Horace will go to great lengths to have Cate in his home. When he finds the perfect moment, Cate is taken against her will, and Horace will go to the ends of the earth to make Cate understand that she is now his and his alone. Cate’s Song will find you rooting for Cate and hating the villain.

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