• Diane Winters

The Mystery of the Mason House

The Mason House was dark, dreary and very scary for Mary and David as children when they visited with their mother. Their Uncle Danbury was a scary man and frequently yelled at his niece and nephew. Finding a secret passage had only caused their young imagination to go wild. Too young and scared to explore it, they barred the door instead.

Now as young adults, they were the new owners upon inheriting it from their uncle. The first thing they do is follow the secret passage and found it went virtually nowhere. As they try to find the reasons for a hidden pathway, Mary tries to heal from a broken marriage. Her ex-husband is running from his own past and broken promises. More than once he brings danger into Mary’s life.

The Mason House remains in the center of the family healing and mystery as the next generation is caught up in a kidnapping. Intrigue, mystery and life’s strife find its way in normal everyday lives. As this family finds out, no one is immune to trouble.

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