• Diane Winters

Set Free

Four people are trying to find their way in life and their paths begin to converge. From a series of conflict and difficulty in their lives, they each take a different path to freedom. Jamie Morgan and her daughter, Cassie, defy the odds to deal with personal tragic circumstances that never seem to end. Hamilton Grainton, Jr. spends more than his share of time dealing with alcoholism and trying to bankrupt his father’s business. Ben is lost and running from an unknown element. He believes a fast paced, high paying job is just what he wants and he never seems to find what he is looking for no matter how hard he tries.

As the group struggle with their individual issues and their paths begin to cross, they each find a lasting bond between them that no one would have believed could ever happen. The support they find in their new found friendships help deal with the current conflicts in their lives. While on the path for each of their personal journeys they not only help each other rise, but each find a way to finally be set free from conflicts and trials that have knocked them down.

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